Here at Tavistock Therapy Centre, we have a single goal in mind – to help our clients achieve optimal health and happiness. To do this, we believe in addressing the person holistically as one whole, with an integrated approach that draws on a wide range of disciplines, remedies and healing modalities to boost body, mind and soul.
The Tavistock team comprises a network of local  therapists who have a shared ethos and values and are committed to excellence.

We work both independently and collectively, enabling us to provide a truly tailored, integrated solution to your individual needs.
We offer a wide range of therapies for both children and adults, from Mindfulness to psychotherapy and a range of holistic therapies, we can help you become the very best version of yourself.

What we Offer:

Holistic Massage

Facial treatments


Emmett Technique

Relax Kids- Mindfulness

Play Therapy

EMDR- Adults and children

Life Coaching


Emotional & Mental Health for Children

Workshops & Events

Day Retreats