Counselling for children and Adults is
offered in Tavistock, Devon.

Counselling is a talking therapy that involves a trained therapist listening to you and helping you to find ways to deal with the emotional issues you’re facing, or to understand why you are feeling a certain way.

Counselling provides a safe, confidential and impartial space in which to explore your feelings. Your counsellor will encourage you to talk about your thoughts, feelings and emotions and will respectfully listen and support you without judgement or criticism.

At some point in our lives most of us will experience times when we’re overwhelmed or feel that we cannot cope. If these feelings are left unchecked they can grow and develop with the potential to spill out into other areas of our lives – our relationships, careers, studies and personal lives can be impacted to the extent that we feel unable to continue to live a happy life.

Counselling is a personal and private experience, designed to help you resolve whatever individual problems you are facing. However, some of the main reasons people seek counselling include:

Bereavement or Loss (in whatever form that may take)
Relationship Issues & family breakdowns
Anxiety & Stress
Feelings of OCD
Anger Issues
Ill health or terminal illness
Eating disorders
Identity confusion
General feelings of being overwhelmed & unable to cope


Whatever is drawing you to seek counselling, your therapist will be able to help you explore and reflect upon these feelings, understand what is at the root of them and support you in resolving them.


The benefits of counselling are wide ranging and include:

Seeing your thoughts from a different perspective

Talking things through with a trained professional – no embarrassment or judgement

Cathartic experience – A problem shared is a problem halved

Time set aside to confront feelings

Feeling less alone with your problems

Benefit from a neutral party

Find it easier to cope in everyday life

Share the burden of your emotions

Improve your physical wellbeing

Gain a greater degree of self-awareness.


We have three counsellors working from Tavistock Therapy Centre please see details below or click Therapists


Family Therapist

Jon Dunn

Family Therapist

Jon works with children and adolescents, adults, couples and families

Lori Thackham


Lori offers counselling with both children and adults

Jan Lake


Jan offers counselling for adults

Carla Polhill

Integrative Counsellor

Carla works offers counselling for adults