With a greater focus on mental health and wellbeing than ever before,  coaching offers a modern-day approach to overcoming obstacles and setbacks. The aim is to recognise patterns of thought and behaviour that may be holding us back from achieving more of what we want.

A  coach helps clients to explore the assumptions, beliefs, values, expectations and attitudes that shape their experience of life. Areas of focus can include developing and achieving career goals, building resilience around health challenges, improving relationships at home and at work, recognising and taking important decisions, renewing a sense of identity, uncovering purpose, and many more.

Ultimately this increasingly popular form of coaching helps us to cultivate a sense of true empowerment, resulting in anything from subtle changes in how we think and behave to more profound paradigm shifts in how we experience ourselves and the world around us.

We have two coaches at Tavistock Therapy Centre who both approach their work in different ways. Contact them directly to learn more about how they work.

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