We have a range of courses available to run in small groups. If there are no upcoming dates shown below please check our Facebook page or express your interest by contacting the course facilitators directly


Behavioural Activation for depression and low mood
This course will help you ‘problem solve’ your way out of depression and low mood, drawing on a range of therapeutic approaches such as Behavioural Activation, CBT, Mindfulness and Compassion Focussed Therapy.
These courses are delivered in small groups, but can also be used individually.

Contact Daniel Pipe at admin@tavistocktherapy.com











Relax Kids is a 7 step system, which teaches mindfulness techniques to enable them to relax, and reduce anxiety.

 Relax Kids helps to build good mental health and build resilience. 

I will be offering a Chill Skill class for children in upper keystage 2. I can offer this on a one to one basis or small groups (maximum of 4).

Contact: Lori Thackham 07943 837345